Launching Maritana May 2008

Perfect day for a launch.  Peter Boertein, travel lift operator extraordinaire, moves Maritana to the waters edge.

Maritana at Souris wharf, ready to go.

Trawler at dockside
Souris, Prince Edward Island Leaving Souris. Anticipated 12 hour cruise to Summerside, 96 nautical miles on the Northumberland Strait between the Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

It's a busy morning for lobster fishermen.  Thousands of lobster bouys in the eastern Strait.  Fishing ports tucked into the shoreline include Brudenell, Montaque, Beech Point and Wood Islands.

Lobster fishers Northumberland Strait
It's not all work!

Captain Tom McSwiggan keeps us on course.

Tom McSwiggan at helm
Looking aft The view from aft.  The Northumberland Strait is used by many boats heading to Nova Scotia's  Bra'Dor Lakes in July and August.  Popular cruising stops include Pictou, Charlottetown, Summerside and Shediac.

Veteran sailor Brian MacDonald photographing the  dolphins below.


Brian MacDonald taking photos
Dolphins in Northumberland Strait Dolphins are common in the eastern Northumberland Strait, but difficult to photograph.

Past Victoria by the Sea, the Confederation Bridge comes in view.

Maritana approaching Confederation Bridge
Confederation Bridge from the Maritana The Confederation Bridge, 13.9 kilometers long.  A spectacular view from the water.  Click on picture for 3.3 meg version.

Sunset on the western Strait.

Sunset on Northumberland Strait
Dark clouds near Summerside Ominous clouds as we approach Bedeque Bay and Summerside Harbour.

The lights of Summerside appear.

Approaching Summerside harbour at night
Approaching Summerside harbour Experienced sailor Brian MacDonald brings us home.

Maritana at home in Summerside, 11 hours and 30 minutes since leaving the wharf at Souris.

Trawler yacht Maritana at Summerside
Dockside discussion on board Maritana Cruise debriefing with  Mike Gillespie, former and prospective trawler owner,(Boston Mass.) and Captain Tom McSwiggan (Ottawa, Ont).